Mission & Vision


To enhance the lives of at-risk young men and women by improving their academic performance, emotional and psychological development, and self-esteem through a supportive environment that fosters and promotes learning and growth, and through mentorships that expose our youth to the infinite possibilities and opportunities in their lives.

A youth is considered “at-risk” if she/he:

  • comes from a single-parent household;
  • has special educational, psychological, or emotional needs;
  • is a member of a historically underprivileged/underrepresented identity group; and/or
  • is socioeconomically disadvantaged.

We fulfill our mission by offering:

  • a dedicated learning center for at-risk children and youth (ages 5-17, grades Pre-K to 12) conducive to learning, socialization, and recreation, and
  • adult-youth mentorship opportunities that develop in adolescent program participants a greater understanding of their potential to become active, productive citizens.


Our overarching objectives are threefold:

  • To advance the educational attainment of program participants and boost the percentage of local youth who pursue higher education;
  • To reduce local juvenile crime and drug use rates through the provision of services that promote physical and psychological wellbeing; and
  • To provide a dedicated environment conducive to educational enrichment and personal development, and to the formation of meaningful relationships with peers.