Those who wish to donate to Men About Change | Women About Change can do so in a variety of ways:

Monetary donations can be made by cash or by check made out to “Men About Change, Inc.”. Donors may earmark their donations for specific programs or uses; MAC will honor the wishes of its donors regarding the use of donated funds. All donors will receive a formal receipt outlining the donor’s name and amount donated. We are recognized as a charitable organization by the IRS and, as such, all monetary donations made to our organization are tax-deductible.

MAC is currently exploring options for implementing our own online donation system on our website, and will update the public once we’ve done so. In the meantime, those who prefer to make their donations online via credit/debit card may do so by donating to the United Way of Central Georgia (UWCG) and specifically earmarking their donation for MAC. UWCG will process the donation and provide confirmation of receipt, then forward the funds to us. If you wish to donate this way, please be sure to specifically note that your donation is intended for us. To learn more about the UWCG and donate to us through its portal, click HERE.

Those who specifically wish to support the Virtual Learning Academy initiative are invited to do so via our GoFundMe fundraising campaign. Click HERE to access the campaign page and make a contribution.

In-kind (non-monetary) donations may come in the form of equipment, supplies, or other physical items and materials, or in the form of complimentary professional services and support rendered. All in-kind contributions will be acknowledged by a formal statement outlining the nature of the donation and, when applicable, the equivalent monetary value of the contribution.

MAC deeply appreciates the contributions made to us by all of our supporters. Our work would be impossible without your help. Thank you!