Summer Apprenticeship & Leadership Program

This summer, MAC is excited to offer a unique new program for high schoolers that is specifically designed to provide meaningful professional experiences, build critical leadership development skills, and expose program participants to the countless career and educational possibilities that await them after graduation.

The program will offer participants real-world experience through apprenticeships that align with their career aspirations, where they will work side-by-side with professionals at local companies and organizations and gain hands-on experience that will prove indispensable for their professional development. Apprentices will work at their assigned locations three times per week.

MAC will also offer tours each week of different colleges and universities throughout Georgia, giving program participants unprecedented access to the diverse opportunities for higher education available to them.

Finally, each week MAC will host a leadership workshop that features local professionals, educators, and leadership development experts as guest speakers. These workshops will provide participants will a wealth of new skills, advice, guidance, and knowledge that will empower them to take control of their destinies and mold their futures.

Part of the Men About Change | Women About Change 2021 Summer Program.

This program is a component of the 2021 Summer Program.
Participants must be enrolled in the Summer Program to take part in the Apprenticeship & Leadership Program.
There is no additional cost to participate in this program.

To enroll your child in this program, simply complete the “Summer Apprenticeship & Leadership Program” section of the 2021 Summer Program Enrollment Form.
Click HERE to access the form.

The Summer Apprenticeship & Leadership Program is open to high schoolers only. Participants must be currently enrolled in or slated to begin high school this fall to qualify.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.