Men About Change | Women About Change
is an educational enrichment, mentoring, early learning, and childcare/supervision project intended to specifically address the unique needs of underserved at-risk youth in the Macon community and beyond.

The program is the brainchild of Dr. Ervin Clowers, a 20-year veteran educator of the public school system.

Our programs are led by highly-trained and experienced men and women who are actively involved in the community, comprised of a staff that includes certified teachers, nutritionists, and specialists in education, youth mentoring, and leadership development.
Education & Enrichment
We offer services that reinforce and enrich educational attainment and performance, social and personal development, and character-building, alongside athletic, artistic, and other recreational programs.
We promote and foster a positive identity within an underserved segment of the population, encouraging at-risk youth to meaningfully contribute to the strength and sustainability of their communities and beyond.